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Ngā tākupu o nā noa nei Ohauru ki ngā tākupu o nā noa nei

Of mice and men / Steinbeck, John.

Whakaputanga: London : Penguin, 2006 . 120 p. 20 Rā: 2006

Two migrant field workers in California's Salinas Valley during the Great Depression—George Milton, an intelligent and cynical man, and Lennie Small, an ironically-named man of large stature and immense strength but limited mental abilities—arrive at a ranch to "work up a stake." They hope to realize their shared dream of settling down on their own piece of land.

At the ranch, the dream appears to move closer to reality. Candy, the aged, one-handed ranch-hand, even offers to pitch in with Lennie and George ?so they can buy the farm by the end of the month."

But will they reach their dream?

This lullaby / Dessen, Sarah.

Whakaputanga: London : Hodder Children's, 2008 . 379 p. 20 Rā: 2008

I would recommend this Lullaby, it is a good book, with a good story line. I think girls will enjoy it more, because the story line is basically about loss and love.

Twilight / Meyer, Stephenie.

Whakaputanga: London : Atom, 2008 . 434 p. 20 Rā: 2008

After reading the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer i would recommend the book to other people who like reading a fiction book with a love story behind it. I enjoyed reading Twilight because I like to read a book with a good story line and has a bit of an adventure in it.

Twilight / Meyer, Stephenie.

Whakaputanga: London : Atom, 2008 . 434 p. 20 Rā: 2008

I really enjoyed reading this book. The twilight series is definitely my favourite book series and i have thourally enjoyed reading them. I would never have guessed that a vampire love story would be so interesting. I definitely recommend others to read this book, its very popular amongst all my friends, and I'm sure you will fall in love with all the characters and storyline just as i have.

Tomorrow, when the war began / Marsden, John.

Whakaputanga: Sydney : Pan, 2002 . 286 p. 20 Rā: 2002

tomorrow, when the war began is a good book to read if you are into people who live in the shadows to succeed on any mission they try. They mess up many times in trying to do what they have been trying to do but not erything works out, this story leads on a series of 6 other books which are equally as good.

The big book of Top gear.

Whakaputanga: London : BBC, 2008 . 126 p. : 20 Rā: 2008

Hi, In my opinion i thought this book was great because it was about top gear and top gear=cars and cars=cool it was funny and epic and i recommend it to anyone who is epic

5 stars


Cloudstreet / Winton, Tim.

Whakaputanga: Ringwood, Vic. : Penguin, 1998 . 426 p. 20 Rā: 1998

Wonderful. A lovely journey through the lives of two post-war, working-class Australian families who find themselves living in the same large, run-down house. One family is hard-working, clean-living and industrious, the other beset by problems and bad luck. Most of the story comes from the interaction between the two families and what they learn from each other. Full of memorable characters and perceptive insights. Funny, uplifting, tragic. Highly recommended. Like The Sullivans if anyone remembers that.

Salt / Gee, Maurice.

Whakaputanga: Rosedale, N.Z. : Puffin, 2007 . 224 p. : 20 Rā: 2007

A strong multi layered story from one of New Zealand's best writers. On one level it is an adventure action story of two teenagers, Hari, a downtrodden underclass boy, and Pearl a privileged girl from the ruling Company both with a developing talent of speaking to animals and humans through mind control. The two are thrown together in the midst of a bitter struggle, and find themselves on a quest to save mankind from a dreadful weapon.

On another level it is a story of man's inhumanity to man and his inability to learn from history. An exciting story that will be a hit with teenagers. (from

V for vendetta / Moore, Alan.

Whakaputanga: New York : DC Comics, 1990 . 286 p. : 20 Rā: 1990

Alan Moore's great graphic novel. Made famous by the film of the same name, this book presents a world where politicians and corporate news control truth and the people of London. Control them, that is, until one person steps forward...

Hamlet / Appignanesi, Richard.

Whakaputanga: London : SelfMadeHero, 2007 . 196 p. : 20 Rā: 2007

This is a really cool graphic novel. I loved it.

The maze runner / Dashner, James.

Whakaputanga: New York : Delacorte, 2009 . 375 p. 24 Rā: 2009

The Maze Runner novel is an amazing novel that is a perfect read for someone who loves the dystopian genre. It is filled with action and many plot twists that keep the reader guessing. A great book to read!

Clockwork angel / Clare, Cassandra.

Whakaputanga: London : Walker, 2010 . p. cm. 24 Rā: 2010

This series is a prequel to the well known Mortal Instruments series. It takes you back in time to the 1800's and is a perfect love story that has just the right amount of action as well.

Looking For Alaska Green, John.

Whakaputanga: Harper Collins UK, 2015 . 350 s. ; 22 cm Rā: 2015

Looking for Alaska by John Green, I found was very interesting as it was mixture of genres, them being romance and mystery.

Love & misadventure / Leav, Lang.

Whakaputanga: Kansas City, Missouri : Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, 2013 . 155 pages : 24 Rā: 2013

"Love is a game of tic-tac-toe, constantly waiting for the next x or o" - Lang Leav

I think that the poetry book, Love & Misadventure, by Lang Leav, a perfect book to read, when you want to take your mind of things,