Albany Senior High School Library

Ngā tākupu o nā noa nei Ohauru ki ngā tākupu o nā noa nei

Wicked : Maguire, Gregory.

Whakaputanga: New York : Harper, 2007 . 538 p. : 20 Rā: 2007

Brilliant book for both those familiar and unfamiliar with the world of Oz. The questions over morals and the place of good and evil are intriguing.

Unwind / Shusterman, Neal.

Whakaputanga: London : Simon and Schuster, 2008 . 335 p. 20 Rā: 2008

A good story though the present tense can be off-putting for those not familiar with it. Worth a read anyhow.

Wizard's first rule Goodkind, Terry

Whakaputanga: London Gollancz 2007 20 Rā: 2007

Good book but the severity of the fantasy makes it quite a tough slog at times.

The lovely bones : a novel / Alice Sebold. Sebold, Alice.

Whakaputanga: London : Picador, 2003 . 328 p. 20 Rā: 2003

This book is a book about the death of a thirteen year old girl called Susie Salmon. Personally, I really enjoyed this book, but I thought the second half dragged on a bit. Peter Jackson adapted this film into a movie, and personally I enjoyed it more than a book, but the book has things that I found more interesting things that were left out of the movie.

Classroom behaviour : Rogers, Bill.

Whakaputanga: London : Paul Chapman, 2006 . x, 230 p. : 24 Rā: 2006

Comprehensively addresses the issues that teachers face in today's classrooms and explores the realationship between effective teaching, behaviour management, discipline and colleague support.

Teaching mathematical reasoning in secondary school classrooms / Brodie, Karin.

Whakaputanga: New York : Springer, 2009 . p. cm. 24 Rā: 2009

Makes a wealth of cutting-edge strategies available to mathematics teachers and teacher educators. Presents a reasoning and discussion-based approach to teaching mathematics, emphasisng the connections between ideas, or why math works.

Ordinary thunderstorms / Boyd, William,

Whakaputanga: London : Bloomsbury, 2009 . 403 p. ; 24 cm. Rā: 2009

Essentially a murder-mystery / suspense story about a man who accidentally gets involved in the shady murder of a scientist by a hitman. He suddenly finds that he needs to disappear into London's population of people who don't officially exist. A really good, engaging read.

Tu / Grace, Patricia.

Whakaputanga: Auckland : Penguin, 2004 . 301 p. 20 Rā: 2004

From "Tu was the winner of the Deutz Medal for Fiction and winner of the Fiction Category in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards 2005.

In this novel, Patricia Grace visits the often terrifying and complex world faced by men of the Maori Battalion in Italy during the Second World War.

Tu is proud of his name - the Maori god of war. But for the returned soldier there's a shadow over his own war experience with the Maori Battalion in Italy. Three young men from the one family went to war, but only one returned - Tu is the sole survivior.

When his young niece and nephew come to him to find out what happened, Tu is brought face to face with the past. What really happened to the three brothers as the Maori Battalion fought in the hills and valleys of Italy is contained in the pages of his war journal, which he decides to give to his niece and nephew.

Patricia Grace has drawn on the war experiences of her father and other relatives and ventured into new territory by writing about the world of war and soldiers. The result is a novel of great authenticity and high drama from one of our finest storytellers."

Defending New Zealand : Bowen, George.

Whakaputanga: Auckland : Longman, 1997 . 50 p. : 20 Rā: 1997

Comprehensive coverage of the factors that shaped that influenced and shaped New Zealand's search for security. Recommended for the history students of ASHS.

The escape / Muchamore, Robert.

Whakaputanga: London : Hodder Children's, 2009 . 298 p. 20 Rā: 2009

I recommend this book for people who have enjoyed the Cherub series

Science: Achievement standard 90188, describe aspects of biology (1.3) Layzell, David.

Whakaputanga: Auckland : Pearson Education N.Z., 2005 . 53 p. : 20 Rā: 2005

Book coverage of all aspects of biology achievement standard 90188.

Black civil rights in the USA / Rosanowski, John.

Whakaputanga: Auckland : Longman, 2000 . 102 p. : 20 Rā: 2000

Comprehensive coverage of the Black Civil Rights Movement in the United States during 1900s. this book provides good background knowledge to the racial issues that still continue to exist in the U.S.

Highly recommended for the history students in ASHS.

From peace to war: the origins of World War II 1919-1941 Bowen, George

Whakaputanga: Auckland, N.Z. Longman Paul Limited, 1996 . p. 20 Rā: 1996

Comprehensive coverage of the events leading up to World War II. Detailed description of the Treaty of Versailes to Pact of Steel, etc...

Highly recommended for the students taking history in ASHS.

Kāore he atahanga uhi e wātea ana

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare, William

Whakaputanga: Auckland, N.Z. New House Publishers 2002 . p. 20 Rā: 2002

Romeo and Juliet is a love story between the "two star crossed lovers" of the children of two feuding families. They overcome their destiny by taking the ultimate path of death to seal their love for eternity.

Abridged version of "The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. This book still keeps its Shakespearean style of language yet communicates the core messages of the original play.

Kāore he atahanga uhi e wātea ana

Black like me / Griffin, John Howard.

Whakaputanga: New York : Signet, 1996 . 192 p. 20 Rā: 1996

A true story about white man changed into a black man and experiences the segregation that harshly wounded the Black people during the segregation

To kill a mockingbird / Lee, Harper.

Whakaputanga: London : Arrow, 1989 . 309 p. 20 Rā: 1989

The book follows the life of Scout Finch showing the harsh and cruel face of racial segregation in United States.

Q and A / Swarup, Vikas.

Whakaputanga: London : Black Swan, 2006 . 382 p. 20 Rā: 2006

Q and A is a fabulous book that contained humour , thrill and love. I recommend everyone should read this book.

The time traveler's wife / Niffenegger, Audrey.

Whakaputanga: London : Vintage, 2004 . 518 p. 20 Rā: 2004

I really enjoyed reading The time traveler's wife because the book had great contents. This book will be really good for doing theme studies because it has lots of themes that has been clearly outlined.

Lord of the flies / Golding, William.

Whakaputanga: London : Faber, 1962 . 288 p. 20 Rā: 1962

A thought provoking novel set during the World War II where only children are left to survive on an uninhabited tropical island after a fatal plane crash. This novel reveals the dark nature hidden in humanity.

To kill a mockingbird / Lee, Harper.

Whakaputanga: London : Arrow, 1989 . 309 p. 20 Rā: 1989

A deep insight to the issue of racial segregation in the United States, particularly the state of Alabama during the Great Depression.